Sunday, July 27, 2008

How Does Your Body React To Stress [Lupus]

I've been observing this for a while now and I'm convinced stress triggers lupus flares.

I'll find myself in a stressful situation, *argument, family drama, health concern*, I would go through it and go on my way, then like the next day my body just falls apart. It's crazy, I'll start feeling just all confused in the head, achy, weak and extremely tired as if I'd been kicking boulders up a mountain. This usually lasts about a day or two.

As you know I recently lost my job, and yes this was a SUPER stressful predicament, but I didn't stress about it. I was actually relieved to be gone, I felt stuck there. So to me it was a major blessing, but even with that state of mind, my body had a mind of it's own. The next day I wake up feeling good, birds singing, beautiful morning just chilling in bed, ah freedom. By the time I got up to make breakfast I was still alright, but by about mid afternoon I felt a shift. My mood had gotten very lack luster, I felt sleepy again and I started having body aches. This lasted two days, and just as fast as it started it just went away.

Sometimes, I just feel as if I'm just overly sensitive to situations, because I know with lupus there will be good and bad days but do you believe stress triggers lupus?

photo:We Need To Stop

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