Thursday, July 31, 2008

[Lupus] It's Official

Two weeks ago I went to BGMC to have a DEXA scan (bone density test). It wasn't too bad, it was like having an x-ray done. My Rheumatologist wanted this done because I have been having major back pain that would come and go. I had taken some back x-rays prior to the DEXA and he also noticed my a disk in my spine was a little smushed. I was like, damn!

Well, on Monday I went to my PCH to deal with this cough and she got the results from the DEXA and it did show osteoperosis, she couldn't tell me to what degree I had it but she said that I do have it. My lupies know this is due to the prednisone and that sucks cuz I have to take it for my health but it's also breaking me down. My PCH was also telling me that because of the other meds I'm on I may not be able to take meds for it, in her opinion. This is not too bad for me becasue I'm on enff. I have to wait and see what my Rheumatologist has to say though.

Right now though all I can really do is take calcium and vitamin D and try not to slip in the shower, lol. I'm not taking it too hard though because I work out regularly and eat healthy so I will be good.

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