Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Lupus Journey

For the past 9 years I've been living with Lupus. Most people have no clue what Lupus right. Instead of attacking the bad things in me it attacks healthy cells and organs. This is also known as a is, some even think you can catch it and it spreads. Wrong, basically my immune system doesn't work flair, some can last a few days some can last many months. Lupus, also known as The Wolf truly is a bitch and it's unpredictable as hell.

Last year I suffered a crisis flair, it almost killed me. I went into the ER on January 8th and didn't walk out till March 14th. During this time I had:

  • 2 Heart Failures
  • 3Chest Tubes
  • TTP
  • 3 Cath Surgeries
  • Multiple Strokes
  • 2 Seizures
  • Kidney Failure
  • Daily Plasmapheresis
  • Hemodialysis (thank God that's over with)
  • Chemo Treatments with Cytoxin and Rituxan
  • My hair fell out
  • Near Death Experience
It's been over a year now since that experience and my life is just now getting back to some kind of normalcy. My hair grew back, I'm losing the weight I gained, I'm getting stronger every day so things are going pretty great right now. I've got more than a few battle scars and on numerous of medications and vitamins but it's my life is blessed so I gotta adjust to it and keep it movin.

Right now though I have a terrible cough I just can't seem to shake. My Rheumatologist told me it was my medications, we will be discussing this further on my next visit cuz this shit is getting tired. Below is a pic of my medicine bag, I have to pop these suckas everyday, but I will be coming off some soon so that's a blessing. My energy level is good these days so I'm doing as much as I can right now. When you have a disease like Lupus you have to deal with real life and a kinda of secret life because it is such a confusing and challenging illness you just never know what can happen day to day.

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