Monday, August 25, 2008

[Lupus] The most BORING DAY of ALL TIME

Alright, today is day 8 of my hospitalization and the boredom is kicking in. Nobody came to visit me today, I feel like a loser, but I know I shouldn't because I've had visitors from day one and I did speak to my best friend earlier and my family most of the day. I just think I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired now.
Let me give you some history on what's happening with me. Right now I'm going through a lupus flair, this one is nothing like the crisis situation I had last year, last year's ordeal was way more pressure, organ failure, seizures all sorts of shit. This one is not all that 'better' but it's way less stressful. My symptoms this time was excruciating chest pain, trouble breathing, almost like drowning. Let me tell you that is the scariest feeling of all time. Well,come to find out I had a large amount of fluid in my lungs for real so, I was really drowning. Anyways, to treat this they did a 'lung tap', this is when they take an ultrasound image to locate where the fluid is and then they stick a needle with suction and drain the fluid. It wasn't painful but when I saw how much liquid was in my lungs I was like DAMN!! That was on the 19th, the next day I had some other type of lung biopsy thing where they put me to sleep and thread a tube up my nose and look at my lungs. It's just too much. Now, mind you there is an even bigger problem I have other than my lungs too which is the fact that I have no immune system. My white blood cell count is non existent, and that's what really keeping me here soo long. Without my white blood cells, my already weak immune system cannot fight off infections and that can kill me. They have me in isolation, where anybody that comes in contact with me has to wear gloves and masks.
Anyways, I'm getting tired, I'll talk to ya tomorrow.

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