Friday, July 25, 2008

Eye Brow Pluckers Rejoice

Getting my eyebrows waxed is an indulgence I can't live without but since I have no job at the moment it's imperative I find ways to save money any and every way I can. Beauty treatments can be costly waxing, hair, nails so I'll be Cheapy McFrugal and start doing it myself for now.

I gave myself a mini-facial last night and I decided to do my eye brows at the same time. I had 3 choices: Nair facial hair remover, the beauty supply store razor and tweezers.

The Nair got a no cuz it breaks me out and too messy, the razor makes my hair grow back faster it seems, so I looked at the tweezers and cringed. The pain and agony is way too much for me until I remembered reading somewhere that if you put Anbesol on your brows before you wax it supposed to make the whole process painless. Well, it's true, because I put some on left it a minute and started, the hair just glided out, no pain what so ever.

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