Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweet Deals This Weekend!!

Oh I love getting things at a bargin!! On Friday I went trolling the thrift stores with my mom. I'm walking through the dusty as hell store when I spot it. A yoga mat, strap and DVD for $3.00!!! I was soo excited, you know I had to buy that because I do yoga and pilates and was using a big towel, now I'm official. Yeah baby. When I get home though, come to find out the DVD is cracked, aw geeze. But fortunately for me, I already own the DVD that came with the mat already, so it's still worth it.

After that we go to Walmart and see there selling Cover Girl smudge eyeliner for $2.00, WTF Cover Girl, sweet. Usually one of those eyeliners are like $4.75 but it's like $1.00 for each I had to buy it. I got the black and expresso shades.

Today, I went to the mall to my favorite beauty supply store Buy Wise to buy some ORS Carrot Oil, please I was glad to find KeraCare at Walmart for $11.50 for the 8oz bottle. Buy Wise got them beat, the 16oz sells there for $17.99 and the shampoo was $5.00, that's the place for me from now on. (my keracare review coming soon)

Anyways bargain hunters, tell me your weekend shopping triumphs.

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