Monday, July 28, 2008

[SpotLight] Vicky Stringer

Now this is an example of having a can't lose attitude that you just have to admire.

Vicky Stringer's story is amazing to me, young single mother wanted to live the good life. Instead of taking handouts she took to the streets and started selling drugs.

We've all seen the movies, and music videos, they make that lifestyle look so easy and glamorous but we all know the real deal . Well, Vicky fell into that trap and ended shooting someone and spending 7 years in prison.

Upon her release, she decided she was through with that life and decided to start hustling the book she wrote on her experience in prison, Let That Be The Reason. Today she is the CEO of Triple Crown Publications the leader in Urban Literature.

This just goes to show ANYBODY can turn there life around, if you have the strength, drive and ambition you can succeed.

I've read a couple books from Triple Crown here are my recommendations:
  1. Sheisty & Still Sheisty by TN Baker
  2. A Project Chick & A Hustlers Wife (excellent book) - Nikki Turner
  3. Crack Head (good too) - Lisa Lennox
  4. Blinded - Kashamba Williams

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