Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would you quit your job right now?

UGH and HALLELUJAH at the same time!!!! I cussed out my boss and got fired today.

Hell, I survived 2 heart attacks last year I think I survive not having a job right now and I was like just scraping past minimum wage, so hey it is what it is.

My old company was bought by an anal retentive power freak who needed butt kissers instead of good teachers. I knew she wanted me out from day 1, so today she bought in some warning notice to me about my conduct on the job mind you from infractions that happened earlier last month and were addressed. She would go out of her was to talk to me about things that were about everything else about the job to bait me into inappropriate conversation. No, lady I don't want to hear about the time you got arrested, and no I've never been. WTF!!!! Isn't that unprofessional?

Anyways, with all this new time on my hands now, I'm gonna dedicate it to my new baby (this blog), go to the beach more and look for the right job for me.

I got Jah on my side, and am too blessed to be stressed right now.

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